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我怎樣可以伸請報名上課? Registration of class attending

・請電郵或 Whatsapp 聯絡我們。 ・第一堂上課必須預約。 - E-mail / Whatsapp. - Regist before your 1st lesson. E-mail:sctm.international@yahoo.com Whatsapp : +852 91530884

報名前必須知道的五大守則 5 Rules of SCTM

・不尊師重道者,絕不授教! ・自以為是者,絕不授教! ・品德差劣者,絕不授教! ・盛氣凌人者,絕不授教! ・不虛心學習者,絕不授教! Be Respect to teacher and training partners Be Humble to yourself Be Polite to everyone Be Understnad martial arts is not for fighting Be Motivate in learning

有什麼我需要在課堂前準備? What do I need to prepare in class?

第一堂需穿著輕便的衣物,請自備飲料。 Wear comfortable clothes, prepare your own drinks.

上課時需要穿上制服嗎?Do I need to wear uniform in class?

・學員必須穿著本會之整齊制服。 SCTM memeber should have uniform in class.

可以前往到貴會參觀上課情況嗎?Can I visit the class?

・據以往有發生財物損失的事件,所以一律謝絕非會員進入本會 SCTM 的系統大部份是以近距離練習,透過互動的方式訓練,增強肌肉的記憶力。 因此,建議你參加我們的訓練,親身感受和體驗課堂的樂趣。 To avoid insecure caused, SCTM class is forbidden to visit. SCTM class is very interactive and major in close quarter training to enhance muscle memory. We suggest you to join our class to experience the fun.

付款方式 Payment Method

・本會只接受現金、轉數快 及 PayMe。 ・練習前必須繳交課堂費用。 ・如過數形式,必須在課堂前過數及上傳收據到電郵或 Whatsapp 內。 ・Cash / FPS / PayMe. ・Traning fee should be paid before class start. ・By bank transfer, please send receipt by email or whasapp before class start. E-mail:sctm.international@yahoo.com Whatsapp : +852 91530884

關於魔杖搏擊班 ? About Kali Sparring Class

魔杖搏擊班 - 參加者必須是本會"恆常班"學員 Kali/Knife Sparring Class - Only Accept Students in Level System Class

課程時間表 Training Schedule

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