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Guru Evan Tai

Learning different kinds of martial arts when young. Including : Wing Chun, Yiquan, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Sanda and Self-defense and the advanced level in Silat and Arnis.

2008-2010 joined different kind of tournaments (Boxing and Sanda) champion in weight in 52KG.

2011 Focused practice on Silat and Arnis from abroad. ( GM Rodel Dagooc, Maestro Melchor William Amosco, SGM Vicente Sanchez, Guru Maul Mornie, Guro Dan Inosando, Kang Cecep Arif Rahman, Guru Pendekar Temsek, Abah Gending Raspuzi, SGM Lolo Sioux Inocencio Glaraga, GM Henry Espera, GM Nicomedes Elizar, Guro Pumpee Batindaan, SGM Lot Villabrille, Lakan Ronnie Royce Base, GM Celestino Castro Macachor, SGM Diony Cenete Odl, GM Pepito A. Sabalbarino). Collecting the different style max in Evantai training system.

2013 Maestro Punong Melchor William Amosco awarded a level of GURO of certificate in Hong Kong to Evan Tai who under on his direction for advanced studies in Arnis.

2014 Successful passed advanced instructor course that 5th Dan Black Belt (Punong Guro) awarded by SGM Vicente Sanchez & Maestro Punong Melchor William Amosco. 

Start from 2014, Evan had invited and hosted workshops and seminars in different countries. e.g. Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, China, Australia, France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland etc...... (International Seminars)

Evan (Chief Instructor of HKCQC) had also invited by Singapore Police Force as the Close Quarters Technical Instructor in 2014-Now. The divisions of Police Force include VIP Protection Group, Aviation Enforcement Task Group, Special Duties Unit (SDU), Police Academy of instructor team etc…

2015 Evan has appointed by Amazon International Property Management & "Wolf "Systema Taiwan as the Close Quarters Combat Honorary Advisor in Taiwan.

2017 Evan had Invited by Beijing TV (BTV) as the Fighting Scenes Designer  and Honorary Advisor in China.  <<The Longest Day in Chang'AN>>

2019 Evan has appointed as  5th Philippine Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Hong Kong Country Director and awarded the Distinguished FMA Master of the Year.

2019 Evan Successful passed advanced instructor course that 6th Dan Black Belt (Maestro) awarded by SGM Lolo Sioux Inocencio Glaraga & Maestro Punong Melchor William Amosco. 

2019 RTHK Kung Fu Quest Season 4 - Silat & FMA Host.

2020 Evan has appointed by Marvel Studio as the Action Creation Team, Martial Arts Consultant and Stunt Performer.<<Marvel Shang Chi And  The Legend Of The Ten Rings>>

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