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練習班介紹 Training Class

馬來武術 Pencak Silat

CQC 自衞術

Kali Stick 菲律賓魔杖

拳擊踢拳 Kick Boxing

短刀搏擊 Knife Sparring

短棍搏擊 Kali Sparring

恆常班課程內容 Level System Class

課程內容先由:單棍->  短刀-> 手法-> 虎爪刀-> 考試->紗籠-> 棍+短刀-> 雙棍-> 長刀+盾-> 考試->斧頭-> 長矛-> 進級考試。先完成所有項目之級別一以循環形式教學到級別四,再以助教到教練的方式學習,能確保學員深入了解馬來武術和菲律賓武術的各樣特質。課程每階段將進行考核試,合格學員將頒發相關證書。

Our training class focus on  Single Stick, Combat Knife, Empty Hands, Karambit ->Examination-> Sarong, Espada y Daga, Double Sticks, Sword & Shield ->Examination-> Tomahawk and Spear ->Level Final Exam. The cycle training mode helps students to understand and acknowledge all the forms of Malay & Filipino Martial Arts. Subject change every 8 classes. 

SCTM Level System

( 8 Classes Per Item ) 

- Kali Single Stick (Level 1 - Level 4)

- Combat Knife (Level 1 - Level 4)

- Empty Hands (Level 1 - Level 4)

- Karambit (Level 1 - Level 4)

- Examination

- Sarong (Level 1 - Level 4)

- Espada y Daga (Level 1 - Level 4)

- Kali Double Sticks (Level 1 - Level 4)

- Shield & Sword (Level 1 - Level 4)

- Examination

- Tomahawk / Axe (Level 1 - Level 4)

- Sibat / Spear (Level 1 - Level 4)

- Level Final Examination

.Certificate will be issue to the student who pass the level final examination.


( 以八堂完成一個項目 )

- 菲律賓魔杖單棍 (級別一至級別四)

- 短刀 (級別一級別四)

- 馬來和菲律賓手法 (級別一級別四)

- 虎爪刀 (級別一級別四)

- 考試

- 紗籠 (級別一級別四)

- 棍和短刀 (級別一級別四)

- 菲律賓魔杖雙棍 (級別一級別四)

- 戰盾和長刀 (級別一級別四)

- 考試

- 斧頭 (級別一級別四)

- 長矛 (級別一級別四)

- 級別考試


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私人班課程 Private Class 

Why Private Lesson?

This is the famous one on one basis. It’s where you can come in and have 100% of the instructors attention for the whole hour. Perfect to speed up your progress, polish any mistakes, and the perfect opportunity to get your extra level of fitness going, to make sure you are capable to attend the harder classes.


For groups, we highly recommend even numbers of students

1on1 HKD $1,500 per hour

1on2 HKD $2,000 per hour

1on3 HKD $2,700 per hour

4 or more (Negotiable) (Whatsapp +852 91530884)

3 Reasons Why You Should Take Private Lessons

1. You get an instructor’s full attention.

Sure, group classes are great because you get to train with all sorts of different people. However, with that benefit comes a major down side; a good teacher has to divide his time as fairly as possible between everyone in the class. So if you’re in a school full of 30-50 people per class, you’re going to have a hard time getting the most detail out of your professor. That’s why having his full attention in a private for 30 min to an hour is really valuable.

2. Learn as much deep detail as needed.

Another thing that’s great about private lessons is that you can take the time to dissect certain details that you would never have the chance to really get into in regular classes. As many people know, Silat & Arnis are all about detail, a slight angle change in any position can be a world of difference. So this is your chance to really get the details that your game has been missing.

3. Time flexibility.

Do you have a scattered work schedule? Can’t make it to as many classes as you’d like because of it? Well, a private lesson can be booked when it’s convenient for both you and your professor. Even if your professor has a tight schedule, your options are still better - you can book an extra quality training session whenever possible.





1對1 私人練習每小時港幣 $1,500

1對2 私人練習每小時港幣 $2,000

1對3 私人練習每小時港幣 $2,700

4人以上請聯絡我們查詢 (Whatsapp +852 91530884)

3個理由 - 選擇私人班課程

1) 教練所對您的專注



2) 能了解當中更深入的細節



3) 時間的靈活性


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