StratoC.Q.C (Singapore)
Instructor Zero & Mr. Winston Choo


STRATO C.Q.C. Specialist Asia Pacific was established on November 2014. The objective of this setup is to offer a series of self-protection training, Seminars and Customize courses to Civilians; Military close quarter combat and Law Enforcement agency defensive tactics training. In today's environment of Global Threats and Terrorism, Law Enforcement Officers as well as Military themselves facing combat situation. To fight against criminals and terrorism, expertise skill set and training to withstand and overcome are mandatory in both mentally and physically aspects.

Principle, System & Methodology

Our Training Principle, Concept, Methodology are predominantly from KALI & SILAT Weapon Based System. 

Evans Tai (Technical Director & CQC Specialist) continued to evolve it by

  • Understanding Principle of human mechanic & structure

  • Leading new training methods, by incorporating techniques & drills into a progressive & organized curriculum

Last but not least the important considerations for Officers/Civilians with regards to the use of “reasonable force”

As combats don’t just end on the street, and continue in the courtroom, therefore basic knowledge & understanding of

the law is part of our edification and sharing.

WINSTON CHOO - Managing Director


  • STRATO C.Q.C. Specialist Asia Pacific

EVAN TAI - Technical Director / C.Q.C. Specialist

  • STRATO C.Q.C. Specialist Asia Pacific.

  • Founder of HK -SCTM

 Credential includes: 
- Hong Kong SANDA Kickboxing Champion in 2009 & 2010
- Hong Kong Boxing Champion in 2008.
-  Awarded KALI ESKRIMA 5th Dan by National Federation of Philippines.
-  Intensive Studies in Bruneian System for 4 years.
-  8 years of experience in conducting & sharing of Close Quarter Combat seminars to

Law Enforcement officers & Trainers in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore


Characteristic of the tool

It is extremely important to appreciate the characteristic of your tool.


KRUDO SNAG Controller


A control & restraint tool design by Louis Krudo from United States, in 2013. It was introduced to USA Florida Police officers as a form of L.E.O restraint tool.

It can strike to create intense pain in close & confine space, creating an opportunity to restraint strong guys (up to 300 pound)

In 2014, STRATO GEARS (Main distributor in Asia Pacific) together with STRATO C.Q.C. Have organized & conducted 3 successful Seminars to Civilians & Law Enforcement Officers in Singapore.


Edge Weapon


more dangerous as it is used deceptively and could not only slash n penetrate but also cut again on the way out or around limbs or previous wounded areas.


*Training Karambit -Customize design and craft for training purpose by our Weapon Specialist, Evan Tai.


Impact Weapon

Tactical Pen


When you are in unforeseen situation what would you prefer to carry by your side? Preferably a tactical pen as your self –protection tool. What better way to conceal a defense weapon other than in plain sight. These pens can replace Kubotan as a close-quarter self-protection tool. One end is often blunt to be used to strike or put pressure on pressure/Nerve points for pain compliance, come-along ...etc. The other end is usually more pointed for even greater pain compliance, thrusting or glass shattering. Some even comes with an emergency whistle, and ferrocerium rod with a striker.

 Taking a tactical pen to most places where pens are most welcome.


Extendable Baton

Impact weapon used by most Law enforcement in the world


An expandable baton (also referred to variously as a collapsible baton, telescopic [or telescoping] baton, tactical baton, spring cosh , ASP, Extendable, or extendo [slang]) is typically composed of a cylindrical outer shaft containing telescoping inner shafts (typically 2 or 3, depending on the design) that lock into each other when expanded. The shafts are usually made of steel, but lightweight baton models may have their shafts made from other materials such as aluminum alloy.

Expandable batons may have a solid tip at the outer end of the innermost shaft; the purpose of the solid tip is to maximize the power of a strike when the baton is used as an impact weapon

*Expendable Baton source from Wikipedia





The tomahawk has gained some respect by members of various law enforcement tactical (i.e. "SWAT") teams. Some companies have seized upon this new popularity and are producing "tactical tomahawks." These SWAT oriented tools are designed to be both useful and relatively light. Some examples of "tactical tomahawks" include models wherein the shaft is designed as a pry bar. There are models with line/rope cutting notches, cuts in the head allowing its use as a spanner, and models with broad, heavy heads to assist in breaching doors.

*Tomahawk source from Wikipedia



Flexible weapon

Scarf & Collar Tie- substitute weapon efficiently remove from the neck and used as a flexible weapon to parry opponent's attack or close -range take down.