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110 USD  (50 USD)

Knife - Buka Tutsada (20Mins)

Knife Drills #1

Buka Tutsada

1) Knife Drills - Buka Tutsada

2) Disarm x 3

-Thrusting Disarm

-Hammering Disarm

-Slashing Disarm

3) Buka Tutsada x Disarm

4) Buka Tutsada x Punyo 11" x 5

-Inside Parry

-Outside Grab

-Drop & Take

-Elbow Roll


5) Slicing Combination

-Simple Slicing

-Advance Slicing

-Superman Stab

6) Buka Tutsada x Slicing Combination

7) Buka Tutsada x Counter Attack

-Open Hand

-Hand Press Control

8) Buka Tutsada x Direction Change

9) Buka Tutsada x Knife Transition

10) Buka Tutsada x Arm Lock

11) Buka Tutsada x Position Change

12) Buka Tutsada x Manipulation