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To my cherish customer who loves E-TAC designed weapons:
Thank you for your understand about:
- E-TAC products is just for training propose and non-bladed tools ( PVC material ).

- Products are handmade by Guro Evan Tai which will take around 2 months to finish your order.

- Handmade product is never perfect and different between product to product in same style.

- Shipping cost is included in quoted price

- To avoid custom issue, very important to check and confirm your country regulation if toy weapons are allowed to import. No retune or return goods base on custom clearance issue.

* Please contact us before you transfer the payment
致親愛的客戶,感謝對 E-TAC 一直的支持,訂購前請理解以下事項
​- E-TAC 的產品只供練習用途,練習刀並沒有開封 ( PVC 塑膠材料 )
- 產品全由 EVAN TAI 人手製造,訂造時間需時大約 2 個月。
- 每件產品因手造的關係,可能會有瑕疵或不完美的部份。
- 所有的費用已包含海外運費。
- 請資咨及確認閣下國家的海關部門是否能進口相關之沒有開封的塑膠練習刀或刀款形狀的玩具刀。
- 貨品出售後將不接受退款、退貨或換貨。
* 繳費前請先聯絡我們

2019 New Design Product - Training Knifes


Tiger / 110 USD

Leopard / 115 USD

Knife + Sheath

Free Shipping For Ordering

2 Pcs or Above !


ECK-01 / 85 USD

Knife Only

Free Shipping For Ordering

2 Pcs or Above !

Leopard + ECK-01

Total : 200 USD 

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